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What We Do 

Our multidisciplinary team includes architectural, industrial, digital, graphic and experience designers. We work in concert to expand and deepen the relationships between people and brands by crafting experiences that are intuitive, useful and beautiful.


From signage systems to video spectaculars, from unique flagship stores to thousands of bank branches, our work has created design-driven delight in industries ranging from finance to consumer health, spanning the United States, Shanghai, Dubai, Mexico City, Bogota, Panama and Vancouver.

Cloudstreet is a design studio that elevates the relationship between people and brands through impactful moments of connection.

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Our Principles of Design Excellence

Design Strategy

anchors creative inspiration in the physical reality and emotional context of the project, balancing the creation of unique experiences with the business imperatives of the project.

Holistic Concepts

create immersive experiences that build a world around a brand, with a unified and mutually-reinforcing feel across all design elements.

Meticulous Design Detailing

puts “big ideas” through the rigor of execution, whether custom or mass, physical or digital.

Obsessive Implementation

requires relentless focus on finding and briefing the right partners and suppliers, providing close oversight and identifying opportunities to improve results at every step of the project.

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